Internal & External Shot Blasting

We are a Type "A" Inspection Body, Impartially Testing & Inspecting Gas Cylinders to the Best Industry Standards


A body accredited by UKAS.
The approval covers the following specifications :
  • BS EN ISO 18119:2018 seamless steel and seamless aluminum-alloy cylinders
  • BS EN ISO 10460:2018 welded aluminum-alloy, carbon, and stainless steel gas cylinders
  • BS EN ISO 11623:2015 composite cylinders

We are equipped to internally and externally shot blast cylinders up to 150 liters:

Beer Gas Cylinders
Industrial Gas Cylinders
Welded Cylinders

List of procedures for internally and externally shot blast cylinders:

  • Identification of cylinder and preparation for inspection
  • External visual inspection
  • Internal visual inspection
  • Preparation for shot blasting
  • Internal shot blasting
  • External shot blasting
  • Post-blasting inspection and quality control
  • Compliance and certification

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